Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly Tips & Tricks

Every week our Relief Society Newsletter has some helpful tips & tricks. Find them here on the blog to refresh your memory!

Provident Living

 If you can slip a sheet of paper under your door frame or between the frame and the door itself, then the gap is too wide and you are losing precious warm air to the outside elements. You are essentially trying to heat the whole neighborhood like our parents always complained about when we were growing up. One way to solve this problem is by installing door sweeps and weather stripping that can block the draft and keep your warm air inside.
Gardening (Monthly Do's and Don'ts for December)

Prepare for frosts now. If you don't care for your sensitive trees, bushes, flowers and vegetables before the first frost, it's probably too late, since the first frost will permanently damage them. It is not uncommon to have up to 20 frosty mornings in December. Be prepared to cover those frost-tender plants throughout December.

  • Don't pick grapefruit yet. Grapefruit are the best in late spring or early summer.
  • Don't do any major tree pruning in December.
  • Don't fertilize trees or shrubs in December. Wait until Spring.
  • Don't over water.
  • Don't ignore pest problems

Shower Walls
To keep soap scum at bay, treat your fiberglass shower liner and glass shower door with car wax. Just apply the wax to the walls like you would on a car. This keeps buildup from getting into the porous surface of the shower walls. The wax will make it much easier to wipe clean. You can reapply the wax twice a year. Just make sure you don't use it on the floor, as it will become very slippery.

Dirty Shower Curtain
Is your shower curtain liner beginning to look a little dingy? Mildew can start to form at the bottom of the curtain when moisture gets trapped between the layers. Instead of throwing it out and buying a new one, try cleaning it. Just fill up your tub with some warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Put the shower curtain liner in and let it soak for a while. Remove any stubborn stains with a sponge and then rinse and dry.

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